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automation london now has a Slack workspace. To take part you will need to request an invitation to join. You will also then need to sign up for Slack and, if you want; download the app.

It's all a bit clunky, I know, but once you've signed up to it I think you'll like it.

Fill out the form below to provide us with your name and email address. Once we have it we'll send out an invitation to you, via Slack.

Want to know more about Slack first?


Slack is a free to use communication platform for teams. It handles like a messaging app but allows you to also share files, images and other important documents, and it does this so everything is searchable and easy to find.

At its core though, is Channels. These are first and foremost chat rooms, where you can easily send messages to each other. A bit like WhatsApp, but with so much more functionality (and it's not owned by Facebook)

Public Channels


Channels for projects, groups, and topics that are open to anyone on your team. Messages in these channels are archived and accessible by search.

Private Channels


For more sensitive topics, private channels keep conversation contained to an invited group. Messages are only searchable and accessible to members.

Direct Messages


One-to-one and small group messaging adds flexibility around more focused conversations. You can convert direct messages to a private channel for longer-running topics.


When you've signed yourself up to Slack, and you've been invited to join the automation london workspace you can head to on the web or download their apps to your phone and computer.

Slack request form
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